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Posted on 03/07/2018
by Stephen Baldwin

By, Stephen Baldwin, Owner, Material Life Limited.

Increasingly our gardens and outdoor spaces are being given the same design-focused attention as our home interiors, essentially becoming an integral part of our overall day-to-day living experience. We are inspired by design magazines and television shows as to how to create an outdoor space, that from an aesthetic perspective, beautifully complements our cosy, contemporary interior dining, living and family areas, as well as offering a peaceful haven, somewhere in which to unwind and relax at the end of a demanding day.

To help us furnish these outdoor spaces, there are now a great variety of furniture options; from traditional, high quality wooden tables and chairs to more exotic, fully upholstered, rattan modular seating systems, to more contemporary steel and acrylic loungers and steamer chairs.

The cushions provided with this furniture are generally rated as 'showerproof' or 'season-proof', but not actually weatherproof! You are still required to bring the cushions indoors when the weather is wet and, of course, store them over the winter months, which can often create problems, especially when space is limited in a flat or small apartment for example, where you may want to furnish a balcony or roof-terrace, but have nowhere to store the cushions. How to deal with this?

The answer is Dry Lion Weatherproof Cushions!

Dry Lion have put a great deal of knowledge and effort into creating a quality product that is not only stylish, practical and durable, but weatherproof. These outdoor cushions are guaranteed as completely weatherproof, they can be left out all year without degrading or decomposing and not fade after extended exposure to direct sunlight.

This luxury range of cushions, in various styles and sizes, are available for dining chairs, deck and steamer chairs, benches and sun loungers. They come in a selection of four standard colours: Sherwood Green, Marine Blue, Stone Grey and Sand Beige and are hand crafted to order, by a highly qualified, in-house production team based in Hampshire, giving you a quality, British made, item.

Because they are produced exclusively for Material Life Ltd., we are able to offer you the best possible price, together with free delivery. To purchase the cushions directly from our website simply visit:

Alternatively, if you would like to a member of our team or have a bespoke requirement, please telephone using: 01279 436051.


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