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Posted on 25/06/2018
by Stephen Baldwin

Why Buy Original Designer Furniture?

By Stephen Baldwin, Owner, Material Life Ltd.

For many years the market has been flooded with cheap, unlicensed, essentially fake, classic designer furniture pieces. These are usually manufactured in the Far East and nearly always without the consent of the legal copyright owner.

These products are generally offered online via websites, that provide no physical customer service that you can access when problems with delivery or, product quality, occur. This is something I find very frustrating and disconcerting.

Admittedly though, when faced with the prospect of purchasing a very convincing copy of, for example, an Eames plastic dining chair costing £75 compared to a legitimate piece costing £250, we all know which one we'd choose! But what do you actually get for your money?

The economical version will look the same but often, the structure is made from poor quality materials and becomes very unstable after a short period of use. Whereas, the genuine article has been manufactured to the designer's original specifications, which includes the use of high quality steel and wood, plus it will come with a manufacturer's guarantee. So, in the unlikely event that there are any problems after a couple of years standard usage, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can rely on an after-sales service that is second to none.

Plus, original pieces always come with a brand mark and a certificate of authenticity, so not only do you have peace of mind that you've acquired something of high quality, but you've also got something that will retain its value well into the future. Longevity assured and a true investment!

For nearly 10 years now has been offering an exceptional online furniture retailing service. We only ever supply original pieces and we are a fully authorised outlet for some of the Worlds best known, high-end furniture brands. We pride ourselves in giving knowledge-based customer service, drawing from our extensive experience in the field of furniture production and design. We have well established relationships with our manufacturers, which are based in the UK, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and North America.

As owner of Material Life, I have worked in the Industry for over 20 years. My team are always there to offer as much help and guidance as possible, in order to help you to create an enviable, stylish interior. And, most importantly, we try to provide the most competitive deal possible, making the best just that little bit more affordable.


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