Buy a Copy - Buy it Twice

When it comes to style in fashion, jewellery and furniture - something so many of us aspire to and on occasion are lucky enough to be able to purchase, there is always the 'caveat emptor' or buyer beware clause. With so many classics there are so many copies and so many different prices. Yes, it might be tempting to think you can pay less for a chair or a table in the style of one of the great classics. But it is important to bear in mind that just a few years down the line their lack of finish and poor manufacturing quality will begin to show through. Not only that, these items will rarely have the resale value of the real thing.

Often copies of the great furniture classics appear on the market at prices that seem remarkably good; if you are of a mind to invest in such pieces, do take the time to thoroughly check out their authenticity. Firstly, make sure you are buying from a reliable and authorised supplier, Material Life being first port of call for many in this market. Then just look at the overall quality of the item, the wood, the polish of the chrome, the depth of colour and feel of the leather‚ it will just be superior

Manufacturers will always stamp their product in a way that is hard to replicate well. For instance the Knoll Studio stamp will carry the signature of their great designers ‚ Mies Van Der Rohe on the Barcelona chair, Charles Eames (from Vitra) on his eponymous lounge chair and of course, the famously cool Tulip Table by Eero Saarinen. These products will also carry a unique product number and some manufacturers' keep a record of who owns what - just like Rolex and Cartier do with their watches. This is proactively tracked to keep down the trade in stolen goods. Vitra, Knoll and other manufacturers spend a great deal of time producing fantastic furniture to the highest quality. They work hard to keep their products top notch, aspirational and exclusive. If you are thinking of investing in this type of timeless elegance, take the time make sure you are getting the real thing.

Alternatively, just buy from Material Life. We are all about authenticity No fakes or copies here.